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Auspring is a leading specialty chemical company established in 1992, located in Taipei,
Taiwan. By incorporating Germany’s plastic dyeing and manufacturing technology with
our own, we are able to research, develop and produce custom formulated
masterbatches including: color & functional masterbatches, color matching and
compounding for a variety of engineering plastics.

Auspring is a professional manufacture firm that complies with international
environmental regulations by using raw materials that are certified with SGS standards,
and passes RoHS, REACH, Oek-Tex regulations, to provide customers with eco-friendly
color matching and pellet processing services.

Our company's products and services can be divided into four categories:
1) Fine Chemicals
2) Various plastic pigments, dyes, masterbatches (custom formulated color matching and compounding)
3) Raw Engineering Plastics
4) Chemical Machinery and Equipments (imported from Germany and United States)

For over 22 years, Auspring has serviced many fiber and plastic industry customers, and with our advanced technology, excellent customer services and reliable products we solidify our long-term customer relationships. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to give our customers the advantage in this market.